Tomato bobbin Bato

Bato tomato twine bobbin for easy growing.

For the production of tomatoes, Bato Bobbins are hung on the horizontal crop wire. Tomato plants can be lowered with only one hand movement, without having to lift the total weight of the plant. The Bobbins are wound at the factory with the required length of top quality twine (white or coloured 1,000 metres per kilo twine), standard available from 4 up to 13 metres.
At the end of the season, the twine can be easily stripped from the bobbins.
Bobbins can be rewound quickly. Due to the U.V. stabiliser, the bobbins can be used for several years. Available in two versions: with and without a fixation slot. The slot ensures a better fixation of the bobbin on the crop wire.

On request:
The Bobbins can be delivered with or without twine.

Article information:
Article # 09CC0105: Bato top bobbin with 10mtr twine