For a long period we tested different products to keep our roses healthy and hydrated. We were pleasantly surprised by the results of Florissant 810. It really keeps the flowers and foliage in optimal condition. Auction tests have confirmed this, showing extremely low bacteria levels. In the vase the roses  retain their original beauty and live longer, this makes us very happy of course. Florissant 810  is the only product for us.

Guido Zwart, Rose Handling Service /  Mount Elgon Orchards


"The Limex machine has had a very positive impact on bucket hygiene,
labour efficiency and water usage. Assessments show consistently cleaner buckets."

Marcus Keane -  Finlays Kericho, Kenya.


"We changed from a two piece suit to the UFO spray overall, our
sprayers are much better protected. The super lightweight overall is more
comfortable so sprayers can focus on their work."

Bereket Adana -  Dugda Floriculture, Ethiopia.


"With Florissant 100, we have seen a marked improvement in vase life with Lilies still looking good after two weeks with more buds opening. We are very impressed with the results." 

Darren Ford -  DW Ford Flowers, England


“Florissant 520 as a rehydration treatment is simple to dose by using a
bucket filler. The correct treatment in Africa and in our importing facilities
guarantees our flowers to have the best quality.”

Bram van Mil -  Marginpar, the Netherlands


“Vase life research on different varieties under different
circumstances, showed Florissant 810 to outperform the rest. The
difference with other brands was big, up to 300%.” 

Arie and Elly Slingerland -  Hydrangea Nursery, the Netherlands


“We were impressed with the results of the Philips flowering lamp, no flower
induction, and a reduction of over 80% in energy costs. We see improved
quality and at the same time we will have a lower impact on the environment.”

Eddy Verbeek - Florensis, Young Plants,  Kenya


"The quality of our flowers is even better since we use Florissant 520. The
automatic dosing makes sure we never miss a bucket."

Gerben Koop - Colours of Nature, Gerbera grower, the Netherlands