"The Limex machine has had a very positive impact on bucket hygiene,
labour efficiency and water usage. Assessments show consistently cleaner buckets."

Marcus Keane -  Finlays Kericho, Kenya.


"We changed from a two piece suit to the UFO spray overall, our
sprayers are much better protected. The super lightweight overall is more
comfortable so sprayers can focus on their work."

Bereket Adana -  Dugda Floriculture, Ethiopia.


"With Florissant 100, we have seen a marked improvement in vase life with Lilies still looking good after two weeks with more buds opening. We are very impressed with the results." 

Darren Ford -  DW Ford Flowers, England


“Florissant 520 as a rehydration treatment is simple to dose by using a
bucket filler. The correct treatment in Africa and in our importing facilities
guarantees our flowers to have the best quality.”

Bram van Mil -  Marginpar, the Netherlands


“Vase life research on different varieties under different
circumstances, showed Florissant 810 to outperform the rest. The
difference with other brands was big, up to 300%.” 

Arie and Elly Slingerland -  Hydrangea Nursery, the Netherlands


“After thoroughly testing, Florissant 830 came out significantly better
than the rest. A 5 to 7 days increased vase life, many more open
flowers showing an outstanding colour.”

Marcel van der Lugt - Lisianthus grower, the Netherlands 

“We were impressed with the results of the Philips flowering lamp, no flower
induction, and a reduction of over 80% in energy costs. We see improved
quality and at the same time we will have a lower impact on the environment.”

Eddy Verbeek - Florensis, Young Plants,  Kenya


"The quality of our flowers is even better since we use Florissant 520. The
automatic dosing makes sure we never miss a bucket."

Gerben Koop - Colours of Nature, Gerbera grower, the Netherlands