Florissant Dosatron dosing pump

Dosatron pumps can mix any Florissant concentrate evenly with water.  This creates an accurately dosed ready-to-use solution. The pump is directly connected to the water supply. It operates by using only the flow and the water pressure as its power source.


  • Accurate dosing possible from 1 - 20 ml/litre (in steps of 0,5 ml)
  • Mixing integrated inside the pump
  • Wide pressure range 0.3 - 6 bar
  • Wide range amount of water 10 - 2.500 litre/hour
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Relatively low investment
  • Reliable product
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No need of battery or 230V

Depending on the dosage, working ingrediënt and pH of the Florissant we have 3 different models. Each with their special housing/seals.

Florissant Dosatron model Range Comment
520 04BB0034 1-9 ml/l

Suitable for Chlorine/corrosive action of Florissant 520
Housing is made of PVDF and special seals are mounted

600 04BB0036 2-20 ml/l  
810 04BB0035 1-9 ml/l Suitable for handling low pH ingrediënts
820 04BB0035 1-9 ml/l Suitable for handling low pH ingrediënts
830 04BB0036 2-20 ml/l