Florissant 830 Hydration and extra energy free of aluminium sulphate

Florissant 830 is a universal rehydration solution for flowers with a soft or woody stems. It lowers the pH which improves the water uptake and vase life. Recommended by the Dutch flower auctions as it keeps flowers and foliage in optimal condition. Use from grower to flower shop and all other steps in the chain.
Free from aluminiumsulphate

Allowed by the Dutch auction for: Protea

- extends vase life up to 30%
- suitable for all water qualities and at low temperatures
- dilutes well without causing an unpleasant smell
- lowers the pH of the water
- improves colour
- gives a lot of energy
- full flowering

Protea, Lisianthus and many other flowers.

Do not use in combination with steel, iron or zinc buckets or water pipes. The solution can be used for several days. Put freshly harvested flowers immediately on the solution for a minimum of 4 hours, there is no maximum treatment time. For full instructions please contact us via button below.

Dosage & Packaging
For all flowers 10ml/ltr. Available in 25 and 1000 litre packaging.