Florissant 600 Gel hydration

Florissant 600 Gel enhances the water uptake of the flowers and suppresses bacteria growth in the water and in the stem. Florissant 600 Gel does not stimulate bud opening directly. Florissant 600 Gel is a special export formula to save costs in transport.

- extends vase life
- improves water uptake
- lowers pH of the water
- prevents bent-neck in roses
- maintains leaf quality

Roses, Chrysanthemums, Hydrangea, Bouvardia, Solidago, Hypericum, Aster and many other flowers.

Flower should be on the Florissant 600 solution directly after cutting.
Before use the whole product in the can should be diluted in 35 liters of water. Stir well. This total of 40 litre is the stock solution from which 10ml per litre of water is dosed per bucket.
From one can of Florissant 600Gel 4,000 litre of water can be treated. Flowers should be on the solution for a minimum of 4 hours and maximum of 48 hours.

Package & Dosage 
Florissant 600Gel is available in a can of 5,7 kilo. One can is approx 5ltr.                              
From stock solution 10ml per litre water. Never dose directly from the concentrated product. Final solution of Florissant 600 Gel can be re-used for 3 up to 7 days. Both the concentrated product and stock solution have unlimited shelve life.