Florissant 520 Clear water (liquid)

Florissant 520 is a universal post harvest treatment to keep the water fresh and clean. Keeping the water inside the flower bucket clean over a period of days allows the flower to keep its maximum quality. Florissant 520 is the only liquid chlorine post harvest treatment in the market, it is easy to dose and works  especially well with an automatic dosing system. Florissant 520 can be used throughout the whole supply chain.

- extends vase life
- keeps the water in the bucket clean
- prevents early wilting
- dosage is easily checked due to pink colour
- automatic dosing

Gerbera, Anthurium, Zantedeschia, Helianthus, and many other flowers.

For optimal result Florissant 520 should be used directly after cutting throughout the whole supply chain. The pink component helps to check usage.

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Package & dosage
25ltr can and 200ltr drum. Standard dosage 1ml per litre of water.
2 ml per litre of water for Gerbera

>> Testimonial Bram van Mil, Marginpar Importer, the Netherlands
>> Testimonial Gerben Koop, Colours of Nature, Gerbera grower, the Netherlands
>> Press release Florissant 520 officially allowed (11-12-2014