Gypsophila post harvest advice

Gypsophila is harvested in the field when flowers are still in bud. Blooming is stimulated later in a closed room to prevent brown petals. Gypsophila needs therefore two post harvest treatments;

1. Anti-ethylene treatment (STS) compulsory asap after cutting.
2. Blooming stimulating treatment in a hot room.

In practice the first and second treatment are sometimes combined. Florissant advises to separate these treatments because it is cheaper and the result is generally better.

1. Harvest solution anti ethylene (STS) treatment:
- Use clean water only
- Harvest flowers and put immediately on solution of FL100 (1ml/ltr) + FL810(1ml/ltr)
- Keep the flowers on this solution for minimum of 4hrs, maximum of 48hrs.
- Quality grade and bunch the flowers.
- Put the flowers on Florissant hot room solution. (instructions below)
- Reuse the FL100 solution for a next harvest.
- Reuse the FL100 solution for max 4 days.

2. Hot room:
use clean water only
- Florissant hot room solution: Florissant 810 (2ml/ltr + 30-50grams sugar).
- Put the flowers on the solution an put in the hot room.
- Open to 90% bloom in 3-5 days.

Florissant 100C is available in 5ltr cans
Florissant 810 is available in 5ltr, 25ltr and 200ltr drums.