Chrysanthemum post harvest advice

Chrysanthemum are widely grown cut flowers used for ornamental purposes. After harvesting stems face problems such as vascular plugging, premature aging, ‘bent-neck’ and flowering stagnation. Insufficient hygiene, high temperatures and leaving the flowers dry too long will increase these problems.

After harvest certain processes within and outside the stem can cause vascular plugging, resulting in insufficient water uptake. It is most important to avoid vascular plugging and to stimulate the water uptake > read more.

Florissant 600 gel, 10ml/ltr from the pre mixing solution.
Florissant 810, 1 ml/ltr.
Florissant 820, 5 ml/ltr.

Florissant 600 gel is packed in a 5 litre can (= 40 litre stock solution, = 4,000-8,000Ltr ready to
Florissant 810 is available in 5, 25 and 200 Ltr
Florissant 820 is available in 25 litre