Carnation post harvest advice

Carnation /  Dianthus

Carnations are very sensitive to ethylene, which can cause major damages like shrunken flowers, flower and bud abortion, incomplete flowering and a short vase-life.

Ethylene is a volatile hormone, produced by the flower itself in order to regulate flowering. Ethylene can also be produced by secondary sources such as exhaust gases, mature fruits or other flowers. This negatively influences the flower and is the cause of the mentioned damages. These negative effects can easily be avoided by means of a post-harvest treatment with FLORISSANT 100.

FLORISSANT 100 inhibits the effect of internal ethylene production by the flower and protects against external ethylene coming from secondary sources. Consequently the problems will be avoided and vase life is prolonged. Once treated, the flower will no longer respond negatively to ethylene. 

Post harvest
Prepare the FLORISSANT100 solution just before harvesting. Place the freshly cut flowers in the solution for at least 4 hours. Do not leave the flowers in the solution for longer than 72 hours. The water uptake can be increased by adding Florissant 810.

Flowers which have been treated with Florissant 100 at the recommended rate can be rehydrated with FLORISSANT 810. This is an ideal product for the rehydration of Carnations after dry transport as it improves the water uptake.

FLORISSANT 810 is an ideal product for storage of Carnation.

Florissant cut flower food is to be used at a consumer level to open the flowers and to bring the flowers to full bloom. Florissant Flower Food is available in 4kg packs and consumer sachets.

Shake the container before use and add 1ml FLORISSANT 100 per litre water.
Stir gently and use the solution for a maximum of 5 days.

Always use clean buckets and clean water.
Do not combine any other treatment with the above, without consulting UFO SUPPLIES.
Never mix an old with a fresh solution.
Use Florissant 100 solution only with acid-proof pumps, hoses, etc. 
Avoid any contact of the concentrate and the ready-to-use solution with metals.
Avoid contact of eyes and skin with the concentrated product.

FLORISSANT 100 is available in jerry cans; 4x5 litre per carton.
FLORISSANT 810 is available in 5ltr, 25ltr and 200ltr packaging.

FLORISSANT should be stored in a dry and dark place.
Keep the product cool but frost free.