Aster post harvest advice

Aster face major problems like vascular plugging, premature aging and icomplete flowering, reducing ornamental value and vase life of the flowers.

Insufficient water uptake due to vascular plugging leads to premature aging of the flowers, showing flaccid leaves and petals and incomplete flowering. Clean water and the use of Florissant 400C can effectively solve this problem.

FLORISSANT 810 stimulates the water uptake. Consequently premature shrinking, petal drop and incomplete flowering are avoided; vase-life is prolonged and the ornamental value is improved.

Post harvest         
Prepare the FLORISSANT 810 solution just before harvesting. Place the flowers in the solution immediately after cutting. Do not use water or chlorine first. The minimum treatment time is 4 hours. FLORISSANT 810 does not contain flower food, so does not enhance the opening of the flowers.

FLORISSANT 810 is an ideal product for storage, does not contain sugar and improves the water uptake, also after dry transport.

Florissant cut flower food is to be used at a consumer level to open the flowers and to bring the flowers to full bloom. Florissant Flower Food is available in 4kg packs and consumer sachets.

1ml per litre of water.

FLORISSANT 810  is available in jerry cans 5 ltr, 25 ltr and 200 ltr can

Florissant should be stored in a dry and dark place.
Keep the product cool but frost free.
Avoid contacts from eyes and skin with the concentrated product.