Wopro GA3 gibberellic acid

Gibberellic acid acts as a plant growth regulator by improving the performances of horticultural and agricultural crops. It is applied in low concentrations on the plant above the soil to promote elongation.

You can also use GA3 to break dormancy of plants, corms and tubers and improve the fruit set.

Some crops known to benefit from such treatments are flowers such as gypsophyla, solidago, phlox and many more. Fruit crops like citrus, pears and grapes and vegetables like celery and seed potatoes.

Wopro GA3 is a powder of 90% gibberellic acid

Wopro GA3 is supplied in 1kg jars.

The No.1 brand in Ecuador for summer flower for many years.

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Article # 06FF0121: Wopro Gibberellic Acid GA3