Agro Supplement

The basis of Agro Supplement is an organic fertilizer in combination with important elements; humic and fulvic acids, this combination which is copied out of nature. Agro Supplement is a liquid 100% organic fertilizer, which can be easily added to the existing fertilizer program. Agro Supplement contains the maximum permissible percentage of iron and nitrogen. This product may be used in organic farming in the Netherlands, it's Skal certified.

- plant resistance will increase rapidly
- production/yield will increase
- rooting will be much better with more fine hair roots that will facilitate and accelerate calcium and other important elements
- yellow and unhealthy plants will quickly turn green and healthy
- less drop out will occur

- plants become strong and healthy
- plants become beautiful strong and green
- it makes soils more fertile

Used in fruits, vegetables, soft fruit, fruit trees, all types of crops and soil. This solution can be added to the irrigation for root application. It can also be sprayed as a solution on leaves.  When used via irrigation you will need 1 liter / 1000m2 at once a week in greenhouses and 1 time per month on outside land. When used as a foliar feed use 1 liter / 400liters water once a month.

Recommender for:
- horticulture
- fruit en vegetable production

Ordering information:
Article #06GG0001,  Agro Supplement Plant Booster 5 ltr/piece