Philips LED toplight 2.1

Combined with their dedicated light recipes, the Philips GreenPower LED toplighting opens up new opportunities for every greenhouse grower to increase their quality and yields and move to year-round production. LED toplighting 2.1 offers light ouput levels of 800umol/s per module at a very high efficacy reaching up to 3.0umol/joule. Next to that each module is also available in a dimmable version giving you full flexibility to give the right light level in each stage of the crop.

Key benefits:
- high light levels with less modules
- adjust light level to stage of the crop
- Excellent light uniformity to ensure uniform growth
- add light to low greenhouses
- shorten grow cycles
- improve color, shape and taste
- low maintenance costs’
- easy to mount and connect

- Floriculture: cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants, annuals and perennials
- High wire vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
- Propagation: for floriculture and vegetables
- Soft fruits: strawberries
- Leafy greens and herbs: lettuce and basil
- botanical oils: medicinal cannabis

Next level of productivity
This series of GreenPower LED toplighting gives up to 45% more light than the Toplights models with regular output, making it especially suitable for crops that need high light levels or to make the leap to year-round full production. The GreenPower LED toplight 2.0 is next to the static module also available as a dimmable module, giving you even more flexibility in applying the right light level at each stage of the crop.

Convenient installation
The GreenPower LED toplighting modules are made of robust design and designed for perfect fit and easy installation in existing and new greenhouses.

Key specifications:
- voltage input 277-400V
- power consumption 265-285W
- light output 800umol / dimmable modules 80-800umol
- efficiency 2.8-3.0umol/joule
- ingress protection rating IP66
- spectral versions DR/W; DR/B

>> Philips Toplight 2.1 productsheet

Ordering information:
Article # 05BB0061 Philips GP LED Toplight 2.1 DR/B LB 277-400V HO / piece
Article # 05BB0062 Philips GP LED Toplight 2.1 DR/W LB 277-400V HO / piece
Article # 05BB0063 Philips GP LED Toplight 2.1 DR/W MB 277-400V HO / piece
Article # 05BB0064 Philips GP LED Toplight 2.1 CMD DR/B LB 277-400V / piece
Article # 05BB0065 Philips GP LED Toplight 2.1 CMD DR/W LB 277-400V / piece
Article # 05BB0066 Philips GP LED Toplight 2.1 CMD DR/W MB 277-400V / piece