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Growers are aware that higher light levels can significantly increase yield—and they require a solution that can
provide that. The Philips GreenPower LED toplighting force (TLF), the ultimate LED grow light for
light-loving crops. It creates summer conditions all year round, but without the heat dissipation of high-pressure sodium lights (HPS).
Philips LED Toplight Force














What’s new?
- TLF 1.1 will be available for GWCS 2.5 and GWCS 3.0 (reduced amount of GWCS
Transformers [reduced cost of installation])
- TLF 1.0 will be available for GWCS 2.5 (will be phased out end of 2022)
- High efficacy version added to the assortment (up to 3.8 μmol/J)
- 2 new light recipes added DRW2_LB and DRWFR_5– DRW2_LB (Alstroemeria):
- 2x more W (~10%) compared to DRW LB
- Available in SB & WB – DRWFR_5 (Strawberry/Chrysanthemum/Lisianthus)
- Available in WB & SB 950W & 820W
- Optimized recipe: half FR compared to _1

- Floriculture: cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants, annuals and perennials
- Propagation: for floriculture and vegetables
- Botanical oils: medicinal cannabis
- High wire vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
- Soft fruits: strawberries
- Leafy greens and herbs: lettuce and basil

Key specifications:
- Combined high light output with high efficacy
- Optimal use of 1040W HPS plug
- Fast and simple installation with special brackets, suitable for C-profile and tralies mounting on safe distance of the
-  Standard and Wide Beams
- Robust design, low maintenance (L95 36000)
- Simple installation in cabinet, no inrush current
- Dimmable via GrowWise Control System

Toplighting Force

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