Sticky trap Stick'm

To mass trap flying insects such as thrip fly, white fly, aphids. Can be used within the bed, at canopy of high wire crops or even outside around the greenhouse to create a physical barrier. After extensive field trials the best colour yellow and blue have been selected for maximum attraction. The glue is water resistant and does not dry out in warm climates. For easy application the first few meter of each roll is not glued.

- high quality long lasting mass traps
- best yellow and blue selected for optimum attraction
- cheap mass trapping solution
- 100% biological crop care

Recommended for:
- all sorts of horticulture and floricultural crops
- indoors, under tunnel, outdoors
- first step when aiming for less use of chemicals

Ordering information:
Article# 03QQ0604: Sticky trap roll yellow 15cm*100mtr/roll
Article# 03QQ0641: Sticky trap roll blue 15cm*100mtr/roll