Steam unit

Soil steam sterilization - soil steaming - is a farming technique that sterilizes soil with steam. Weeds and pests like bacteria, fungi and viruses are killed by steam which causes protein coagulation or enzyme inactivation.
Biologically, the method is considered a partial disinfection as heat-resistant spore-forming bacteria survive and revitalize the soil after cooling down. Soil fatigue can be cured through the release of nutritive substances blocked within the soil.

Today, the application of hot steam is considered the best and most effective way to disinfect sick soil, potting soil and compost. The alternative to methyl bromide

- effective to kill weeds, bacteria, fungi and viruses
- leads to a better starting position, quicker growth and strengthened resistance against plant diseases and pests.
- environmentally friendly
- low operation cost

Recommended for:
- all sorts of horticulture and floricultural crops
- Indoors, under tunnels and outdoors

Ordering information:
We sell new and second hand units in different sizes with on farm installation and instruction.