Vertical spray boom

The vertical spray boom has proven to be a necessity for growers, available in different lenghts for different type of crops such as roses, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc.

- Spray boom 180cm tall with 12 position nozzles especially for cut flower growers, such as, rose, chrysanthemum, lily, carnation, and other indoor and outdoor cut flowers.
- Spray boom 200-300cm tall with 14-18 position nozzles especially for vegetable growers, such as, tomato, cucumber, egg plant and pepper grower.

The spray boom has nozzles facing both left and right. In one movement beds at both sides of a path can be sprayed. The nozzles are special position nozzles that can be put straight or under an angle. Each nozzle can also be switched off in case it is not necessary. For instance in a young crop that is not tall yet, the top nozzles can be switched off.
Each position nozzle has a Teejet nozzle tip and a sieve before the tip.
All made of durable materials to last for many years. Only the nozzles tips are wearing and should be replace periodically.

- Main inline filter, pressure gauge and main shutter valve.
- Available with 6 up to 20 position nozzles.
- In height adjustable over approx. 60cm.
- Comes with spray belt that connects spray hose to the operator, leaving both hands free to guide the boom.
- Can be fitted with 1-wheel; 2-wheel; 3-wheel and 4-wheel undercarriage, this depends on local circumstances.

Ordering information:
Article # 03FF0125: Vertical spray boom small 6 position nozzles, approx 80cm tall
Article # 03FF0126: Vertical spray boom ROSES 8 position nozzles, approx 115cm tall
Article # 03FF0127: Vertical spray boom ROSES 10 position nozzles, approx 150cm tall
Article # 03FF0128: Vertical spray boom ROSES 12 position nozzles, approx 185cm tall
Article # 03FF0131: Vertical spray boom CUCUMBER 14 position nozzles, approx 220cm tall
Article # 03FF0132: Vertical spray boom CUCUMBER 16 position nozzles, approx 255cm tall
Article # 03FF0133: Vertical spray boom CUCUMBER 18 position nozzles, approx 290cm tall