Vertical spray boom Summer Flowers

Special design after visits to and discussions with summer flower growers.

Nozzles are placed closer to each other for better penetration of dense crops. Spray focus lies 0-150cm from the ground, like most summer flower crops. Special nozzles for better penetration, the nozzles - stainless steel at the bottom (10) and ceramic at the top (2) - are mounted on revolvers which can be angled between 0 and 40 degrees for optimum coverage. A build on filter and manometer allow the operator to maintain the ideal pressure whilst spraying.
The one wheeled EMPAS vertical spray boom can handle any path. Made of stainless steel and brass to last beyond expectation.

• up to 40% chemical reduction
• 100% coverage
• height adjustable boom available in various length and configu rations
• coverage on both sides of the leaf
• no chemical waste on the pathways
• little drift
• each nozzle can be set in the preferred angle or closed by revolving
• guaranteed uniform spray result, every bed and every meter of the bed

Ordering information:
Article # 03FF0129: Vertical spray boom model AFRICA, V-handle, 12 position nozzles, approx 130cm tall
Article # 03FF0130: Vertical spray boom model AFRICA, Pushbar, 12 position nozzles, approx 130cm tall