Teejet nozzles

We can supply all different types of Teejet nozzles.

Flat spray nozzle for top coverage.
Cone spray nozzle for penetration into the crop. It is best to use nozzles with ceramic or stainless steel tip.

Most used in horticulture are:
Teejet 8002VK: Yellow flat spray nozzle with ceramic tip
Teejet 8002TXA: Yellow cone spray nozzle with ceramic tip.

Ordering information:
Article # 03HH0201: Teejet flatspray nozzle TP110015VK green ceramic
Article # 03HH0202: Teejet flatspray nozzle TP2501SS stainless steel
Article # 03HH0203: Teejet flatspray nozzle TP2502SS stainless steel
Article # 03HH0204: Teejet flatspray nozzle TP8001VK orange ceramic
Article # 03HH0205: Teejet flatspray nozzle TP8002VK yellow ceramic
Article # 03HH0206: Teejet flatspray nozzle XR11002VK yellow ceramic
Article # 03HH0207: Teejet flatspray nozzle XR11004VP red hard-plastic
Article # 03HH0223: Teejet flatspray nozzle XR11004VK red ceramic
Article # 03HH0224: Teejet flatspray nozzle AIXR11004VK red hard plastic

Article # 03HH0208: Teejet conejet nozzle TXA80015VK green ceramic
Article # 03HH0209: Teejet conejet nozzle TXA8002VK yellow ceramic

Article # 03HH0212: Nozzle pre-filter cup mesh 100
Article # 03HH0221: Nozzle pre-filter cilinder mesh 100
Article # 03HH0222: Nozzle pre-filter cilinder mesh 50