Hose reel

Manual hose reel, available in different sizes to hold different lengths of hose pipe.

Hose reel standard holds 70mtr 3/8" Ragno HP hose and 50mtr 1/2" Ragno HP hose.
Hose reel extra wide holds 110mtr 3/8" Ragno HP hose and 75mtr 1/2" Ragno HP hose.

Manual hose reel does not come with hose pipe.

Available stand-alone; on push trolley; mounted on spray cart.

Ordering information:
Article # 03EE0070: Sole hose reel standard 300mm
Article # 03EE0086: Frame and wheels for standard hose reel
Article # 03EE0076: Sole hose reel extra wide 450mm
Article # 03EE0087: Frame and wheels for hosereel extra wide
Article # 03EE0071: Trolley mounted hose reel standard facing backwards
Article # 03EE0077: Trolley mounted hose reel extra wide facing backwards
more options on request