Empas spraycart 200-400ltr ATLANTA

Empas spray cart model Atlanta with 200ltr or 400ltr tank.
3-wheel trolley with well balanced design. Available with many different types of pumps to suit customer needs.

Easy to fill and operate, this results in the most safe working environment for the operator.
Trolley comes complete with motor, pump, tank and frame.
Fresh water reservoir to rinse hands and level glass for safe handling.

Recommended for:
 - all sorts flower growers, indoors and outdoors.
 - all sorts of vegetable and fruit growers.
 - chemical spraying on crops.
 - shading paint spraying on greenhouse.

Available pumps:
Pump size depends on tank size and application tools in the field.
These trolleys can be fitted with many types of pumps both piston and membrane pumps.
Our most supplied models feature the T55 37ltr/55bar pump and WS102 21ltr/55bar pump.
Electric or Honda petrol engine.

- high pressure hose on desired length
- hose reel mounted on the trolley for storage of high pressure hose
- hose reel auto rewind for easier spray job and longer life time of the spray hose