Pheromones are signals exchanged between individuals of the same species and influence their behaviour. These are for instance sex pheromones that lure the male moths to the females from a large distance.
Pheromones work only for a very specific insect sub specy and can be used for scouting or mass trapping purposes.

Pheromone capsule for Helicoverpa armigera 
Best to be used in Delta trap / Funnel trap.

Pheromone capsule for Spodoptera littoralis
Best to be used in Delta trap.

Pheromone capsule for False Codling Moth (Thaumatotibia leucotreta).
False Codling Moth started as a pest in fruit bearing crops such as citrus fruits and
macademia nuts, but nowadays more and more infestations are also found in
ornamental crops such as cut roses and Gypsophila.

Pheromone capsule for European Pepper Moth (Duponchelia fovealis).
Caterpillars of the European Pepper Moth cause damage in ornamental crops such as
Calanchoe, cyclamen and begonia targeting the base of the plant close to the soil.
Best to be used in Delta trap.

Tripher: Slow releasing capsule for Thrip
ThriPher helps to increase the catch of thrip-fly on Bug-Scan sticky traps, making it more effective
ThriPher can be used in all protected crops.
Best to be used in Delta trap or bugscan.

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Article #03RR0801: Pheromone capsule Helicoverpa armigera
Article #03RR0802: Pheromone capsule Spodoptera littoralis
Article #03RR0805: Pheromone capsule Thaumatotibia leucotreta
Article #03RR0804: Pheromone capsule Duponchelia fovealis
Article #03RR0803: Pheromone capsule ThriPher