Wilmod Sulphur Evaporator WSE 75

The WSE75 is the new generation sulphur evaporator with the patented IR-emitter type SSV as most important innovation. This IR-emitter has an operating temperature of 190° C, which is much lower than the ignition temperature (230-260° C) of the sulphur, ensuring safe evaporation of the sulphur!  
For ease of cleaning and dosing there is an aluminium sulphur containing cup that fits the WSE75 perfectly.

- Energy efficient; only using 75W.
- Safe; since the operating temperature (190° C) of the IR-emitter remains well below the ignition temperature of sulphur.

Technical specifications:
• Power:   75W
• Voltage:  110 V or 230 V
• IR-emitter type:   SSV, E-27 fitting
• Power cord:    1.75 m, 3 m and 5 m with or without plug

Recommended for:
Roses, strawberries, tomatoes and the vegetables that suffer from mildew. 

Ordering information:
Article # 03MM0601; Wilmod Sulphur Evapoator WSE 75