The world famous original RED evaporators.
One of the most proven and easy tools to prevent and control powdery mildew. To deal with mildew effectively, just the right amount of evaporated sulphur and a good distribution of the vapours are necessary. Nivola has specialised in fighting mildew throughout the world for more than 50 years.

Nivola sulphur evaporators are effective and reliable, low maintenance, low energy consuming and have a long lifetime.

Nivola recommends 100 evaporators per Ha for a closable greenhouse  and 120 evaporators for the open vent greenhouse.

Ordering information:
Article # 03MM0535; Nivola Sulphur evaporator 230V, 1.75mtr cable
Article # 03MM0536; Nivola Sulphur evaporator 230V, 5.00mtr cable
Article # 03MM0537; Nivola Sulphur evaporator 110V, 1.75mtr cable

Article # 03MM0543; Nivola evaporator heating element 230V
Article # 03MM0542; Nivola evaporator heating element 110V
Article # 03MM0538; cup aluminium for evaporator
Article # 03MM0539; pendel + roof + rubber for evaporator
Article # 03MM0540; pendel for evaporator
Article # 03MM0541; roof for evaporator