Full face mask Moldex

High quality full face mask. Made by Moldex out of comfortable and durable material. Available in three sizes for best fit. Ultra light, only 365 gram!

Should be worn when continuously exposed to a concentration of toxic pesticides. Protects the lungs, eyes, nose and mouth against vapours, fumes, mists and fine dusts, depending on the filter used.

All parts can be repaired/replaced.

Standard feature with Moldex EasyLock filter system, two filters a mask.
Filters interchangeable with Moldex 7000 half face mask.

Ordering information:
Article # 02AA0001: Moldex 9001 size S Easy-Lock filter connection
Article # 02AA0002: Moldex 9002 size M Easy-Lock filter connection
Article # 02AA0003: Moldex 9003 size L Easy-Lock filter connection
Article # 02AA0004: Moldex 9004 size S screw filter connection
Article # 02AA0005: Moldex 9005 size M screw filter connection
Article # 02AA0006: Moldex 9006 size L screw filter connection
Article # 02AA0009: plastic cover sheet for 9000 mask