Full face mask 3M

Full face mask 3M 6800 is very comfortable to wear, has a light, clear view due to poly carbonate window screen. Easy respiration by double filter system. Valves and head straps can be repaired/replaced.
Should be worn when continuously being exposed to a concentration of toxic pesticides. Protects the lungs,eyes, skin, nose and mouth against vapors, fumes, mists and fine dusts depending on filter used.

Ordering information:
Article # 02AA0051: 3M 6800 full face size M
Article # 02BB0056: A2 filter with bayonet connector
Article # 02BB0055: P3 R filter pad to be mounted on A2 filer using a 501 cap.
Article # 02BB0052: Filter cap 501 to mount P3 filter on A2 filter


Available sizes: Small - Medium - Large