Remote logger

The Beacon Fields system offers remote intelligent solutions for farmers in the horticulture, agriculture and soft fruit industry. Different indoor and outdoor sensors allow you to keep track on conditions during growth, storage and logistics simply monitored on a mobile app. The Beacon Fields systems stand for high quality and long lasting sensors, easy installation and connection to available networks, user friendly app with real time information.

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Beacon Fields gives you the pocket tool to optimize irrigation, optimize indoor climate control, improve growing results and save on water, fertilizers, chemicals and time.

Soil Beacon 30, a full outdoor beacon with three sensors using Sigfox data network transmission technology. (The Soil Beacon 30 has been developed for the professional user who's daily concern it is to monitor temperature/moist conditions beneath the surface.) The Soil Beacon allows the grower to monitor field conditions on the computer and mobile interface real time from where ever place on the farm Beacons are installed. The Soil Beacon 30 measures soil humidity up to 30cm deep, soil surface temperature and light intensity. Each Beacon has its own identity which will not interfere allowing you to place them wherever you need, whether it is close to each other, or more remote spread.

What does it measure?
- Humidity (capacities in 30cm radius around sensor)
- Soil temperature
- Light intensity

- Continuous monitoring of field conditions
- Data available in real-time, at 1-2 hours interval
- Alerts provided when values exceed dynamically set thresholds
- Real-time continuous data
- Data storage in the Cloud
- Sigfox network (global coverage)
- Easy to install and expand
- Save on irrigation, pesticides and time

Your benefits:
- Time efficient monitoring of crop conditions
- Immediate action upon alerts
- Predicts effects of upcoming changes in conditions
- Insights in local differences
- Accurate information for reporting
- Easy way of sharing information inside and outside the organization
- Ability to analyze long term effects of changed conditions
- Keeping track of progress against defined goals for reducing ecological footprint
- Data driven decisions decrease ecological footprint

How does it work?  This video shows how easy it is to get started with our Beacons.


Recommended for:
- Agriculture (open field)
- Flower bulbs
- Horticulture

Ordering information:
Article #07NN0401; Beacon Soil 30
Article #07NN0419; Beacon long antenna