Beacon air

Beacon Fields system offers remote intelligent solutions for farmers in the horticulture, agriculture and soft fruit industry. Different indoor and outdoor sensors allow you to keep track on conditions during growth, storage and logistics simply monitored on a mobile app. The Beacon Fields systems stand for high quality and long lasting sensors, easy installation and connection to available networks, user friendly app with real time information. Beacon Fields gives you the pocket tool to optimize irrigation, optimize indoor climate control, improve growing results and save on water, fertilizers, chemicals and time.

Beacon Air is designed as a robust wireless temperature and humidity sensor, which can run for many years without maintenance. The Beacon can be used indoor for example to keep track on temperature and humidity in a rose greenhouse as well as outdoor for instance for fruit growers to detect night frost. The same sensor can also be used for temperature and humidity monitoring in the cold store. All data is collected  in real-time and shown in a personal dashboard.

- Real-time monitoring of outdoor conditions
- Real-time monitoring of indoor conditions (e.g. moist in building)
- Continuous data
- Night frost detection
- Pre-set alerting triggers
- Time-efficient
- Complies with PlanetProof

Recommended for:
- Flower growers in greenhouses
- Out door growers of frost sensitive flowers in frost sensitive area’s
- Propagators and breeders
- In flower cold stores on farm and at air port
- Under cover horticulture, floriculture and small fruits

Ordering information:
Article #07NN0421; Beacon Air