PAR/LUX meter LI-COR LI-250a

Professional digital photo-radio meter for measurement of light in PAR or LUX.
Top quality meter for professional grower. Can be fitted with sensor for measuring PAR-light and with sensor for measuring light in LUX. Very suitable to measure Deep Red (650-700nm).

LI-190R light sensor details:
Measuring spectral range 400-710nm. Automatic range detection (3 ranges). Measuring range 0.01-199.99 micromol/m2/S with resolution 0.01; 200.0-1999.9 micromol/m2/s with resolution 0.1;
2000-10000 micromol/m2/s with resolution 1.
Working temperature 0-550 C.

Ordering information:
Article # 07GG0170: Quantum-photo-radiometer Li-COR LI-250a excluding sensor
Article # 07GG0171: PAR-sensor LI-190R for LI-250a
Article # 07GG0172: Sensor mounting and leveling fixture