Reflectolab Plus

The Refracto lab is a complete portable lab for the analysis of NPK and other elements in water or soil. Both test strips and test cells can be used for optical analysis. Up to 5 different  measurements can be stored for easy use and up to 50 results can be saved. Read out via LCD display or saved data can be send to computer (connector available separately) Battery operated system.

Comes in carrying case complete with soil sampling kit and NPK test strips.

Ordering information:
Article # 07FF0132: Element meter Reflectolab Plus with tests for N-P-K

Article # 07FF0133: Reflectoquant Ammonium NH4+, 0.2-7.0mg/ltr
Article # 07FF0134: Reflectoquant Ammonium NH4+, 5-20mg/ltr
Article # 07FF0135: Reflectoquant Ammonium NH4+, 20-180mg/ltr
Article # 07FF0136: Reflectoquant Calcium Ca2+, 5-125mg/ltr
Article # 07FF0137: Reflectoquant Iron Fe2+, 0.5-20mg/ltr
Article # 07FF0138: Reflectoquant Iron Fe2+, 20-200mg/ltr
Article # 07FF0139: Reflectoquant Magnesium Mg2+, 5-100mg/ltr
Article # 07FF0140: Reflectoquant Nitrate NO3-, 5-225mg/ltr
Article # 07FF0141: Reflectoquant Potassium K+, 0.25-1.20 gr/ltr
Article # 07FF0142: Reflectoquant Potassium K+, 1-25mg/ltr
Article # 07FF0143: Reflectoquant Phosphate PO43-, 5-120mg/ltr

Article # 07FF0144: Reflectoquant Blanco teststrips for colour correction