Combined EC/°C/pH EP1400

With the EP1400 it is very easy to measure EC, pH and temperature in liquids and soils.
The instrument is supplied in a useful carrying case complete with calibration liquids and all the
accessories needed for measuring water and soil samples.

Technical specifications:
Range pH: 0-14
Range EC: 0-19,99mS
Range temperature: 0-65,0°C
Resolution: ± 0,01pH/ ± 0,01mS/ ± 0,1 °C
Display: 0,01 digit LCD
Temperature comp: Automatic for EC and pH.
Calibration: Automatic with recognition of calibration liquids
Electrode pH: Combined/epoxy, 100 cm cable with BNC connector
Electrode EC: Epoxy with Pt-1000 temperature element
Power supply: 1 x battery 9V 6F22
Consumption: ± 300 hrs
Size/weight : 320 x 290 x 120mm/ 2 kg

Accessories: Carrying case, sample cup, syringe, cleaning bottle, distilled
water, calibration liquids (pH-4, pH-6.86 and EC), storage liquid
and a user manual

Ordering information:
Article # 07AA009: EP1400 (former EP1200, EPH-119) Combined EC/°C/pH