All weather greenhouse repair tape

All weather greenhouse repair tape.
This polythene repair tape is excellent for repairing tears in polythene greenhouses and tunnels. The tape is transparent allowing light transmission and is UV stabilized making it resistant to weathering and will normally outlast the polythene cover. Maximum width and the highest quality acrylic glue make this tape ideal for long lasting repairs.

Small tears and splits can be repaired through the use of polythene repair tape. The surface of the polythene should be dry and clean prior to fixing the tape. The polythene around the area of the tear/split should be pulled back together and then the tape should be placed along the length of the tear/split, and then further shorter pieces placed perpendicular to the first piece (similar to a suture). If possible this process should be performed on both the inside and outside of the structure.

Qualities/technical specifications: 
- Total thickness 0,125 mm
- Acrylic glue
- Excellent weather resistance
- High UV stability
- High Peel adhesion N/cm 3
- High Shear adhesion h/23°C > 20

Recommended for:
Indoor and outdoor repairs of plastic greenhouses and tunnels.

Ordering information:
Article #08PP0909: KK301 PE all Weather tape transparent 100mm*50m/roll (18 rolls/box)