Heavy duty double defoliator Terlouw

Deleafing machine developed after scouting visits at rose farms in Kenya.

The Duo Defoliator is equipped with 2 engines, each motor is 0.33kW / 0,5HP. This unit can
easily support 8-comb brushes whilst the standard machine is officially too light.
Technical improvements: improved cooling of engines and bearings. Eight bearings
instead of four.

Extra wide, giving more space for two people working on it.

Supporting frame and collection bag are optional.

Power supply; 110V or 230V, Supplied with English, Canadian or European plug.

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Brushes for this machine:
8-comb rubber brushes, available in 3 grades; soft, hard and extra hard.

Ordering information:
Article # 04DD0071; Defoliator Terlouw D2 model Kenya 230V
Article # 04DD0072; Defoliator Terlouw D2 model Kenya 110V
Article # 04DD0502; Frame & wheels for defoliator D2 Kenya
Article # 04DD0504; collecting bag for defoliator D2 Kenya