TwinQ - Flits buckets

This unique invention is based on the Dutch auction bucket but does much more than that. Ideal for storage, on-farm transport and transport within the supply chain. Using these buckets, results in less damage to flowers which means less chance for botrytis to develop. Used by farms in Kenya, Zambia, Dubai, Qatar and Indonesia for top quality flowers.


  • Less damage, reduction of botrytis.
  • Long life time
  • Many choices in size, suitable for every type of flower.
  • The collar (frame) can be used to stag another layer of buckets on top without damaging the flowers.
  • The collar can be lowered while the flowers are in the bucket which helps to remove the flowers/bunches without damaging the flowers.

Available is 3 different sizes and because all units are interchangeable you van make 6 different sized bucket combinations. Since the collar is also a base for the bucket it is called a frame.

product lenght width height
bucket 30cm 350mm 230mm 280mm
frame 30cm 400mm 270mm 300mm
bucket 40cm 350mm 230mm 380mm
frame 40cm 400mm 270mm 400mm
bucket 50cm 350mm 230mm 480mm
frame 50cm 400mm 270mm 500mm

Ordering information:
Article # 04AA0005; Flits bucket 30cm
Article # 04AA0006; Flits frame 30cm
Article # 04AA0007; Flits bucket 40cm
Article # 04AA0008; Flits frame 40cm
Article # 04AA0009; Flits bucket 50cm
Article # 04AA0010; Flits frame 50cm
Article # 04AA0011; Flits clip