Attalink consumables

Attalink binders do not tie a knot like electrical binders but fold a clip around 2 ends of the string. This process makes the unit much reliable but also requires a certain quality of string.
The 2 consumables are string and strips to cut the clips from.

String on large rolls for approximately 6.000 bindings.
String on small rolls for 12.000 bindings (20 rolls @ 600).
Strip for approximately 40.000 clips (20 * 2.000)

Take a look how to change elastic and metal spool on our YouTube channel.

Ordering information:
Article # 04GG0504; Attalink binding elastic big bobbin 1kg.
Article # 04GG0507; Attalink metal strip box of 20 rolls
Article # 04GG0509; Attalink start kit box of 24 small bobbins & 18 metal rolls