Attalink binder

Manual binder to bind string around a bunch. Ingenious design and no power required. Can be mounted on any flower processing table.
Easy in use, low maintenance and easy to install. Binding is made with one simple hand movement for bunches up to 6 cm in diameter. Available in single and double versions.

- Fast
- Reliable
- Easy in use
- Thread tension adjustable
- Both left and right hand side
- Mountable on any table

- binding flower stems
- binding sleeves to a bunch
- binding a flower food sachet to a bunch


Attalink instruction and maintenance video


Ordering information:
Article # 04GG0203; Attalink 6AMR handbinder for on table small bobbin holder
Article # 04GG0204; Attalink 6AMRC handbinder for on table big bobbin holder
Article # 04GG0207; Attalink 6AM double binder for on table

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