240V Bercomex CRM binder

No matter what kind of flower you need to bind, it won't be a problem for the Bercomex CRM binding machine. A large bouquet of roses can be bound just as easily as a small bunch of tulips. And always at high speed, so you can bind more flowers in less time. If you are interested in finding out more about this binding machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Unique benefits   
Binding at a high speed: up to 90 bouquets* per minute
Adjustable elastic tension
Continuity in your flower processing

For any type of flower or bouquet
The CRM binding machine effortlessly binds all types of flower and bouquet at high speed. You save time and your production capacity will be significantly increased. Various types of binding are possible thanks to the adjustable elastic tension, so you can use this binding machine for any type of flower or bouquet.

Reliability for continuous processing
Every year, more than 2.5 billion bouquets are bound using this Bercomex binding machine and binding elastic. Time and again, this binding machine has demonstrated that it is reliable, rugged and low-maintenance. The low failure rate means that your processing can continue without interruptions.

An ideal addition to your flower processing line
This binding machine can be operated as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a flower processing line. The machine can be supplied in a L/H or R/H configuration, and features automatic elastic breakage protection. The use of Bercomex binding elastic delivers an optimum end result.

Capacity of up to 5.400* bunches per hour
Suitable for all types of flower, bouquet and binding
Stand-alone or in conjunction with a flower processing line, Furora or chrysanthemum harvester
Two directions of operation
Rugged and long-lasting
Can be extended with the Jumbo Cone holder

* After a speed increase

Ordering information:
Article # 04GG0301 Bercomex CRM FR-H R-L 230V
Article # 04GG0302 Bercomex CRM for 3 core string 230V
Article # 04GG0303 Bercomex CRM FL-H L-R 1-core 230V