QuickBunch double binding

A revolution in the flower industry. The first manual operated binding and cutting machine. Combining three activities in one stroke: binding the bunch twice and cutting the bunch. Suitable for all types of stems both woody and herbal.

During our farm visits in Africa the idea arose to combine the Attalink binder and a guillotine cutter. Why two separate actions if it could be done in one movement? Our idea for manual binding and cutting in one stroke was born. UFO Supplies contacted Vigouroux, world leader in hand held tying tools with degradable elastic ties, and the started designing the QuickBunch. Its ingenious design, ensures that the cutting and binding can be done faster. The Attalink binder works without electricity. The QuickBunch is equipped with the highest possible quality bunch cutter. The QuickBunch is a real time-saver.

Easy in use, low maintenance and easy to install. With the small QuickBunch, bunches are finished with one simple hand movement  up to 3 cm in diameter. The bigger QuickBunch can even handle bunches up to 6 cm. A tight cut and two beautiful bindings are the result.

- Combines 3 jobs in 1 stroke (binding + binding + cutting)
- Fast
- Reliable
- Easy in use
- No electricity required
- Thread tension adjustable
- Position of string adjustable
- Mountable on any table

- binding & cutting mono bunches
- binding & cutting mixed bunches

- large scale flower production farms in Latin America and Africa
- small scale flower production farms
- bouquet makers
- florists

Movie Quickbunch

Take a look how to change elastic and metal spool on our YouTube channel.

Ordering information
Article # 04GG0217; Attalink QuickBunch 3A2C double binding, bunches up to 3cm/piece
Article # 04GG0222; Attalink QuickBunch 6A2C double binding, bunches up to 6cm/piece

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