Supportnet plastic

Tenax Hortonova support netting

Extremely durable in combination with low investment costs. UV-resistand making it very suitable for farms around the equator and on higher altitude.

In flowers to be used to prevent bending and breaking of stems. For crops such as alstroemeria, carnation, chrysanthemum, gypsophyla and many others.

In vegetables to be used as support for creeping plants such as, melon, pumpkin, beans, etc.

Available in different sizes mesh and different total width to match bed size. 

Ordering information:
Article # 10AA0001: Tenax support netting 11FH 10x8x100cm white 1000mtr
Article # 10AA0002: Tenax support netting 13FH 10x8x120cm white 1000mtr
Article # 10AA0003: Tenax support netting 9FGPO 12,5x12,5x100cm white 1000mtr
Article # 10AA0004: Tenax support netting 11FGPO 12,5x12,5x125cm white 1000mtr
Article # 10AA0005: Tenax support netting 13FGPO 12,5x12,5x150cm white 1000mtr
Article # 10AA0006: Tenax support netting 6FG 17x15x85cm white 1000mtr
Article # 10AA0007: Tenax support netting 7FG 17x15x102cm white 1000mtr
Article # 10AA0008: Tenax support netting 8FG 17x15x119cm white 1000mtr
Article # 10AA0009: Tenax support netting 6FE 20x20x100cm white 1000mtr