Acryl cover

Light, soft and breathing cover.

For protection of young cuttings against dehydrating and wilting.
As frost cover in early spring to protect out door crops against frost.
As frost cover in winter to protect ornamental plants against frost.

Available as normal and jumbo rolls.

Ordering information:
Article # 10GG0301: Acryl cover 17gr/m2 1.60x250mtr
Article # 10GG0302: Acryl cover 17gr/m2 1.80x300mtr
Article # 10GG0303: Acryl cover 17gr/m2 3.60x100mtr
Article # 10GG0311: Acryl cover 30gr/m2 10.50x250mtr

Article # 10GG0321: Acryl cover jumbo roll 17gr/m2 1.60x1500mtr
Article # 10GG0322: Acryl cover jumbo roll 17gr/m2 2.00x1000mtr