Sombrasol shading paint

Liquid shading product for a medium term shading effect.
Sombrasol can be applied to glass, acrylate, polycarbonate an plastic film.
It has a very good wear resistance compared to standard spray chalk or powder chalk. It lasts for about 4 months. Sombrasol wears off over time or can be removed by brushing.


  • simple to use and easy to spray
  • Optimal heat reflection
  • Increased light transmission when wet
  • Safe for humans and the environment.


Available in 20kg bucket.

effect buckets / Ha shading wear resistance
heavy shading 10-25 65% ++++++++
normal shading 6-15 50% ++++++
light shading 4-8 30%


Ordering information:
Article # 11BB0072: Sombrasol liquid shading agent 20kg