Redusol shading paint

Benchmark in shading paints.
Redusol gives a long term homogeneous, wear-resistant shading coat that protects against solar radiation. It bloks Infra Red radiation but allows PAR light to go through.
Redusol can be applied to glass, acrylate, polycarbonate and plastic film.
To increase shading effect, simply increase concentration or spray multiple layers.
Highly resistant to frost and rain, gives increased light transmission during rain.

Available in 20kg bucket.

Easy removed by using ReduClean.

buckets/Ha shading PAR wear resistance
44 +++++ ++++ +++++
33 ++++ +++ ++++
27 +++ ++ +++
22 ++ + ++

Ordering information:
Article # 11BB0071: ReduSol liquid shading agent 20kg