Q3 White shading paint

High quality shading paint for use on glass and plastic surfaces. Reduces influx of light and heat into the greenhouse. In rainy weather this effect is minimal.
Biodegradable and easy to apply.
Q3 is especially advised for climates where sunny weather is combined with frequent rain showers.

As a liquid it is easy to dilute and solution can be applied with professional spraying systems.

Q3 leaves a homogeneous protective film which holds for months. With the use of REMOVIT it is easy to remove.

buckets per ha screening % in lux lifespan in weeks +/- durability in rain
34 80% 23-24 medium
25 75% 20-22 medium
20 65% 14-15 medium
16 55% 11-13 minimum
13 45% 4-8 minimum



Life span is an average under European climate conditions. Indication only local results may vary.

Available in buckets of 20 kilo.

Ordering information:
Article # 11BB0052: Hermadix Q3 liquid shading agent 20kg