Wear the perfect size spray overall for more durability



The Certified Flexothane and Chemtex UFO spray overall is now available in XXS.

Thanks to our certified Horti Spray overall, working in the field as a sprayer has already become more safe and more comfortable. Still, we noticed that some sprayers' suits and overalls were wearing out quicker than normal. The reason for this is that overalls are often worn a size too big.

Wearing protective clothing in hot circumstances, a loose fit maybe seems better or more comfortable. But when the pants are worn too loose, the fabric will rub against each other and will be dragged over the floor, which causes damage. Our spray overall is made of the easy to wear Flexothane with textile inner work and  the more perfect the fit, the longer the suit lasts.

Extra Extra small for Extra Extra Durability.

You can find it here.




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