Video vertical sprayboom


UFO Supplies designed a special spray boom together with Empas. Our new video shows exactly how it works.

The problem

After visiting different farms and discussing spraying with growers, we found a solution to uneven spraying, leaves not being fully covered and a lot of drift. Also sprayers had to walk a path two times to spray both sides.

The solution

We specially designed the vertical spray boom 'Africa' which is designed for roses and dense summer flowers. The one wheeled vertical spray boom can handle any path. It is made of stainless steel and brass to last beyond expectation.

Our solution requires less energy from the operator ensuring the coverage to be the same throughout the day. It also eliminates the difference between operators, all have the same coverage.


1. Nozzles are placed closer to each other for better penetration of dense crops. Both top and bottom of the leaves are covered.

2. Spray focus lays 0-150cm from the ground, like most summer flower crops.

3. Special nozzles for better penetration, the nozzles - stainless steel at the bottom and ceramic at the top - are mounted on revolvers which can be angled between 0 and 40 degrees for optimum coverage.

4. A build on filter and manometer allow the operator to maintain the ideal pressure whilst spraying.

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