UFO Supplies 20 years


UFO Supplies celebrates 20-years anniversary

Who are we?

We are a small and enthusiastic team, based  in Aalsmeer. – the flower capital of Holland. A company that has been working for 20 years with specially selected products, to help growers all over the world, to grow a more beautiful and sustainable bunch of flowers.

What do we sell?

Florissant was developed in 1983 by the auction, for the growers. The logo with the' Florissant girl' indicates exactly what it does: it ensures satisfied customers. Growers know: a reputation comes on foot and goes on horseback (Dutch saying) so a constant quality and a minimum shelf life of all the flowers in a bunch is essential. Florissant takes care of that.

Philips Horti LED and we have been official partners for six years and that same period, we have seen satisfied customers of these lamps, with positive results. Growers save directly on energy and invest in the future with this sustainable product.

More top products?

With Empas, we developed a spray boom for rough terrains. This cuts the knife on two sides: the leaf is covered more evenly (on top ánd below) and at the same time 40% less pesticides are being used.

With Sioen, we designed the safest and most comfortable spray overall in the market available. The fast and easy to use binders from Attalink combine perfectly with our self-sharpening bunch cutters.

How we do that?

Our people regularly visit customers (growers in countries such as Kenya, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Brazil, South Africa and China). We are always looking for the best solution to a specific problem. Sometimes this works best with a local agent who knows about the situation better than we do. In addition, we work closely with Dutch horticultural suppliers and with flower auctions. 

Who do we do it with?

A team of 8 specialists, all with a background in horticulture.
A small group of people, short lines and therefore the best service for a very attractive price.

Since when do we do that?

In 1990 Jaap van Staaveren and Tjeerd de Looze worked together in Zambia. After that Floris Muilwijk, the son of a rose grower, joined the management team. Since then, they have visited many customers in 33 countries together with local agents, and we look forward to the next 20 years.

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