Together we will find a LED solution


What kind of light is needed to get a higher rooting percentage and a faster rooting was the question of Fitzgerald nurseries from Ireland to UFO Supplies.

UFOSupplies started to make a light plan. With the input of Erick Westerman (Fitzgerald nursery), together with Eric Jansen (Signify) UFO Supplies made several practical adjustments. A truly tailor-made plan which takes account of local conditions. This whole process took about a month. Now near mid-winter growth continues in the greenhouse, thanks to the Philips Toplight modules.

Erick Westerman: "Thanks to the professional support of UFO Supplies BV we installed LED Top Light system in our propagation greenhouse. By having a better balance between temperature and light we expect a better growth and development of our young plants in the Irish winter period, resulting in stronger plants and shorter lead times. We see this as a big step forwards for our company, providing us new opportunities for growth".


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