Rosefarm in Ethiopia selects UFO spray suit



Sustainable Rose Farm

Dugda Floriculture is a Rose farm in Ethiopia with 24Ha of greenhouses exporting their high quality roses to Europa, Russia, The Middle & Far East.
Bereket Adana, General Manager: "We aim to grow roses in a sustainable way, with low impact to the environment while taking good care of our employees. We are proud to hold national and international certificates like the Code of Practice, MPS A, MPS SQ and FFP."

Comfort and focused

Last year they changed from a two piece suit to the UFO spray overall.
Bereket: "Our sprayers are much better protected. The super lightweight overall is more comfortable so sprayers can focus on their work. It is long lasting and very suit- able to be used in roses; I can recommend it to all rose growers."

Specifics UFO Spray Suit

One piece overall with elastic brim around hood, sleeves and trousers
Certified EN465 against chemicals
Certified EN343 against permeability of moist
Lightweight, just 1 kilo
Washable and complete textile inner work
SIOEN Flexotane
Double covered zipper
Durable, up to 12 months of safe use
** NEW ** Shorter legs for extra durability and better comfort
** NEW ** Improved extra-long safety collar with Velcro closing

If you would like price information about the UFO spray overall, or if you have other questions, please contact us via or the contact buttons below.


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