Price for Hydrangea nursery Slingerland


Together with Kees Suurd of local distributer Benfried, we drove to the North-East of Holland, where Arie and Elly grow twelve different type of Hydrangeas on their beautiful farm.

Being our loyal customer, they visited us at the Internationa Flower Trade Fair and completed our quiz form.
Afterwards they were impartially drawn as our Florissant winners by our colleage Wendy!  As you can see here.

Arie and Elly took a chance on the Florissant price, since they already have been using this for three years now.

"I still have some of the old post harvest treatment, from before using Florissant 810. I thought it worked quite well, but ever since I saw the difference with Florissant 810 I will probably never open it up again. It's time to take that to the chemical waste disposal."



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