Press release: UFO Supplies launches new product at the IFTF 2018

During the IFTF in Vijfhuizen UFO Supplies will unveil the QuickBunch. The world's first manual bunch binder and cutter combination.

Every flower bouquet, wherever produced in the world, is cut and bound several times between grower and consumer. A specific device is used for both operations and they take place one after the other.
Almost a year ago the idea arose to combine the best binder and cutter and to make one of them. Why two separate actions if it could be done with one movement.  The idea for manual binding and cutting in one stroke was born.

In collaboration with Vigouroux, manufacturer and patent holder of the Attalink binder, the QuickBunch was developed.  The ingenious design ensures that the cutting and binding can be done faster, by the combination of 2 actions in 1 movement. The Attalink binder works without electricity and is very reliable. The QuickBunch is equipped with knives from Terlouw techniek b.v., the highest quality in the world.

Because the binder forms a physical barrier between the operator's hand and the super sharp knife of the bush cutter, safety is guaranteed. The super smooth cutting surface improves the water absorption which increases the shelf life of the flowers.

The QuickBunch is suitable for cutting all types of stems and can handle both herbaceous stems and woody stems. This makes it ideal for flower growers or florists but also for bouquet makers.

At the fair in Vijfhuizen, in the stand of UFO Supplies B3.02, UFO Supplies will give a daily demonstration of the Attalink QuickBunch together with Vigouroux.


About UFO Supplies BV                                                                                                                   
UFO Supplies BV is exclusive distributor of Florissant pre-treatment products. These are products that extend the shelf life and increase the reliability of flowers. Well cut flowers have better absorption of Florissant. Moreover, the reduction in the number of actions results directly in an increase in quality.
That is precisely why the QuickBunch fits so well with the company's mission. Together we help the grower of today to invest in the future by increasing the shelf life and reliability of flowers now.

If you would like more information or an interview, please contact Mr. Ing. Floris Muilwijk on 0297-343603 or via
Floris is director and has been involved with UFO SUPPLIES for 13 years.

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